Foot Massage In Bathtub
Half & Half 9575


  • Half & Half 9575
  • Mayan Copper 6256
  • Mediterranean Sunset 6240
  • Mignight Opal 6878
  • Mystic Eerald
  • Ocean Wave Blue 6811
  • Oyster Opal 6970
  • Pure White 9571
  • Sliver White Marble 6427
  • White Pearlescent 6696
Half & Half 9575


  • Cloud Grey
  • Colud Green
  • Could Blue
  • Pearl Black
  • Pearl Blue
  • Pearl Green
  • Pearl White
  • Pure Black
  • Pure White
  • Sky Blue
Acrylic Sheets

Acrylic Sheets

We have Chinese Acrylic sheets and USA Acrylic sheets both with many colors for you to choose. The USA Acrylic color lines are delicate, and Chinese acrylic sheets are more economical, both are high-quality and good choice.

Colorful LED Light

Colorful LED Light

A good decoration for massage pool. When you use the spa, turning on the colorful light, the whole pool becomes more transparent, with the change of color to make your mood better.

Massage Jet

Massage Jet

Jets are an essential feature of massage pools. Powerful, efficient massage jets can let you get better massage effect when using the spa, making your body stimulate vitality, becoming more healthy.

LX Water Pump

Water Pump

The famous brand water pump, high speed, powerful, continuous and effective. Providing power to massage jets and filteration.

Control System

Control System

Canada Gecko, USA Balboa, China Joyonway, etc. Each system has its own characteristics and advantages which can be adapted to different customer’s functional requirements.



The function of the diverter is to adjust the flow direction of the massage jets, so that the jets power can be adjusted then can make the power suitable for adults and children to use.



1700 x 800 x 780mm

Standard Shell

Chinese White Acrylic

Water Drainer

Hot and Cold Switch

Classic Faucet

Water Suction

Air Adjuster

Air Switch

Support Feet



Water Pump




  • WS-062

  • Workflow

MEXDA Classic luxury massage bathtub, can bring you a different life quality. We have a variety of massage bathtub style, square, rectangular, round, diamond shape and various irregular shapes, can adapt to different environments, different styles of home design. All whirlpool tubs are available for sale by whole set, after receiving the goods, can let you free from installation trouble. Massage bathtub with massage function design, powerful and adjustable massage nozzle, can let you relax after a day of fatigue work, enjoying the good mood brought by the bath. In addition, there are very simple imperial concubine bathtub, with a stylish and concise appearance, suitable for a variety of bathroom environment. 

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Pool CoverNO.2
Pool CoverNO.3
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Pool CoverNO.7
Pool CoverNO.8

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