Buying Suggestions For Bathroom Steam Room

2023-10-05 11:10

Buying Suggestions For Bathroom Steam Room

Regarding bathroom steam rooms, we have two products: steam shower room and wet steam room.

Steam Shower room

MEXDA generally produces computer steam shower room, which is a personalized and high-end bathroom facility integrating computer control, shower and massage. The shower room door is usually made of high-strength transparent safety tempered glass, and the sliding door is closed with a magnetic suction bar, which can effectively prevent the water splashing to the outside when bathing, and can achieve the effect of dry and wet separation. The computer steam shower room is also equipped with low-voltage safety lighting, ozone generator, temperature display, touch-type intelligent control panel and other facilities. The users can enjoy beautiful songs or listen to the stereo radio while shower or steaming.


MEXDA steam shower room is a multifunctional room, beautiful and practical. The steam shower room can be a combination of bathtub, shower room and wet steam room. The appearance is similar to the glass shower room we are using now, but it is a multi-functional combined room. One room is used for multiple purposes. The occupied area remains unchanged, and the use efficiency is greatly improved. Shower can help us wash away the stains and odors from our body; high-temperature steam can remove toxins from our body and maintain beauty and health; in addition, we can use the massage bathtub at the bottom, and the powerful jets massage the corresponding acupoints of our body, which can eliminate the fatigue in the human body.

Buying Suggestions:

1. When choosing, first of all, according to the actual situation of your own bathroom, the installation location, as well as your family and your own preferences, choose a computer steam shower room such as arc, square, rectangle, polygon, single or 2-person luxury.

2. MEXDA's smallest computer steam shower room area is 1000*1000mm, only 4 to 5 square meters in the bathroom. The area of the largest steam shower room is 1600*1600mm, and the height of the room cannot be lower than 2.2 meters. Not only should pay attention to the area and height of the room when purchasing, but also pay attention to the measurement and planning before the basic decoration.

3. When buying a computer steam shower room, focus on the steam engine and the computer control panel. If the steam engine is not turned off, it will fail in a short time. In addition, the computer control panel is the core part of the shower room. All the function keys of the shower room are controlled by the computer. Once the computer control panel fails, the entire steam shower room cannot be activated.

4. Find out whether the electric meter of your home can withstand the current of the heavy load. At present, the power of the computer steam shower room is mostly 3KW, and the largest one is 4.5KW. Therefore, it is necessary to see if the electric meter in your home can withstand it.

Wet Steam Room

Wet steam room is a kind of sauna room, which belongs to passive movement. In real life, it is also called a steam room. Wet steaming is mainly through the contact of steam with the skin, expanding pores and expelling toxins, thereby promoting blood circulation and metabolism, and achieving the purpose of fitness and beauty.

MEXDA wet steam room is stylish and simple, beautiful and practical. The wet steam room can be customized according to the customer's needs in the appropriate size and equipped with the corresponding number of seats, and the shower function can also be added. Usually after using the wet steam room, you can use the shower function in the same room, which is convenient to use. The high-temperature steam can help us to expel toxins from the body, so that the body can be rejuvenated and beautified.

Buying Suggestions:

1. When purchasing, you should first understand and pay attention to the area and height of the room. If the bathroom is relatively small, we recommend that you buy a 2 person wet steam room with the smallest area of 1136*1306mm, and the largest 12 person wet steam room with an area of 2600*3095mm. It can be said that the fewer seats, the smaller the occupied area, but the height of the room cannot be lower than 2.2 meters. Aside from the size and height of the room, you also need to consider how many seats you need for a wet steam room, which can be arranged according to the population of your household.

2. When purchasing, you also need to pay attention to the steam engine and the control system. If one of these two components is damaged, it will make the wet steam room unable to operate normally. Therefore, you need to buy a steam engine and control system with a brand and good quality, and understand their warranty time.

3. Also, you need to find out whether your electric meter can withstand the current of heavy load. Because the power of the wet steam room is higher than that of the steam shower room, the smallest is 4.5KW, the 4.5KW single-phase electricity is 220V, and the current is 20.5A, while the largest is 15KW, and the three-phase electricity 380V can generally be used above 6KW.

4. Also need to pay attention to the material of the wet steam room. At present, the material used in the steam room is mainly acrylic. Although they are both acrylic, their bearing weights are different. Some acrylic sheets will change color after being used for too long, and some will have small cracks. This is also the main reason why some brands of wet steam rooms are expensive and others are cheap.


The above are the introduction and buying suggestions for two products of bathroom steam room, steam shower room and wet steam room. With the progress of society and people's pursuit of quality of life, bathroom steam rooms have become more and more sought after by people. Because it can divide a relatively independent space in the bathroom to achieve dry and wet separation.

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