Common Situations When Using The Best Outdoor Spa

2023-10-07 13:00

Common Situations When Using The Best Outdoor Spa

We believe that many people are on various search platforms and shopping platforms wanting to compare the price and the performance of outdoor spas from major brands, but MEXDA outdoor spa is a consistent favorite among reviewers and consumers, and MEXDA is one of the best manufacturer of the outdoor hut tub spas. But when getting the best outdoor spa in your mind, there are a few things to keep in mind:

1. Please connect the water pipe before installing the product.

2. Please ensure that the product is installed with a reliable leakage protection device, there is a ground wire in the power plug, and ensure reliable grounding. Check the protection system of the leakage protection before each use.

3. Before turning on the water pump, check whether the water level exceeds the jet by 10 to 20 mm to ensure that the water pump is in normal use, otherwise it will be damaged due to water leakage.

4. Do not turn on the water pump, heat pump or bubble pump without water.

5. Those with symptoms such as high blood pressure, drinking, and heart disease are prohibited from using this product. Children's bathing must be carried out under the guidance of an adult.

6. Please be careful not to block the jets during use. Also keep this product clean so that it doesn't get clogged with hair or other debris.

7. During use, please adjust the water temperature first, otherwise it will burn out.

8. The outdoor spas adopt ergonomic design, the lifting and lowering changes greatly, and pay attention to anti-skid.

9. Please turn off the system when not in use.

Outdoor Spa

Of course, due to some human factors and external factors, you may encounter some unusable problems when using an outdoor spa. Here are some common problems, causes and solutions that we have sorted out.

● No power or electricity leaking protection device is activated

Causes: 1. Electricity leaking protection device cut off power source when electricity line is not well connected. 2. Power or electricity circuit have phenomenon of electricity leaking.

Solutions: 1. Check and reconnect the wiring system. 2. Check the power source, electricity
circuit and ground line.


● Water Jets are not working

Causes: 1. Check the system whether is on. 2. The impeller of water pump doesn't rotate. 3. Water pump is broken which caused by working without water coming in.

Solutions: 1. Turn on the system. 2. Check through and remove the garbage which is inside the pump, Switch pipe can be removed. 3. Install a new water pump.

● The intensity of hydro-massage cannot be adjusted

Causes: 1. Water pump's suction has not enough power. 2. Air adjustment valve is abnormal. 3. Jets or nozzles are blocked.

Solutions: 1. Check the water pump whether is working normally. 2. Change the air adjustment valve. 3. Remove things which are blocking the jets.

● Water leaks from the pipes

Causes: 1. Seal ring is broken. 2. Screws doesn't lock tightly. 3. Pipes doesn't seal properly. 4. Water pipe is broken.

Solutions: 1. Change seal ring. 2. Lock the screws tightly. 3. Re-seal the silicone. 4. Change water pipe.

● Control panel doesn't work

Causes: 1. Electricity line didn't connect to power source, electricity leaking protection device cut off power. 2. Power button is not working.

Solutions: 1. Re-connect the power source and check the electricity leaking switch button. 2. Change a new control panel.

● Lighting is off

Causes: 1. The bulb is broken. 2. Power line is disconnected. 3. Control panel is broken.

Solutions: 1. Change a new bulb. 2. Re-connect the circuit. 3 . Maintain or change control panel.

●Radio is off

Causes: 1. Speaker is broken. 2. Power line is disconnected. 3. Control panel is broken.

Solutions: 1. Change a new speaker. 2. Reconnect the circuit. 3. Maintain or change control panel.           

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