outdoor dry sauna room WS-1818LT

Outdoor Sauna Room
MEXDA Outdoor Sauna Series is a sauna specially designed for outdoor using. Outdoor sauna with oblique roof design to prevent rain and snow from squeezing the roof. Outdoor sauna is generally used aluminum plastic board decoration, interior use red cedar. Red cedar comes with a wood fragrance that relaxes the mind and keeps a good mood when using sauna.
MEXDA outdoor sauna can provide customized services. There are infrared heating, sauna stove heating, the use of sauna room can let you detoxify, more healthier and more beautiful, making your body more and more energetic.




1700 x 1300 x 2100mm


External: Hemlock

Internal: Aspen

Control System



LED color changing light, Head lamp 1pc


Bluetooth, FM, MP3

Heating Device

Harvia sauna stove Vega 3kW


Cask, Woodenspoon, Thermo-hygrometer,



Sauna RoomSauna RoomSauna Room

Natural wood

Mexda, the wood used in sauna all imported overseas. All the wood we selected is top A grade, the wood quality can show out by its color difference, knots, lines, etc. High quality wood can produced high quality and nice sauna room. 

Colorful LED Light

Sauna room LED light color is available. Color can be changed by red, green, blue and gradient. Colorful light also have the phototherapy to bring the health to the body visual enjoyment.

Culture stone

The luxury sauna room is equipped with culture stone, including crystal stone, salt stone, white stone, and so on. Customers can choose their configurations according to their favorite then they can design a special sauna room for themselves.

Sauna RoomSauna RoomSauna Room

Sauna system

Mexda offers different Multi-function control system for customers to choose. Most systems with bluetooth, USB, FM, etc. entertainment features. In addition, the systems can also adjust temperature setting, led lamp color and timing. Different systems bring different experiences to each customer.

Sauna stove

MEXDA sauna room besides uses Chinese brand stable high quality sauna stove, also providing overseas famous sauna stove, like Harvia, SAWO and so on.

Sauna room accessories 

MEXDA sauna room equipped with sauna set, such as thermohygrometer, sandglass,sauna stone, cask spoon, lamp can for customer using.


Sauna RoomNO.1
Sauna RoomNO.2

Sauna RoomNO.3Sauna RoomNO.4
Sauna RoomNO.5Sauna RoomNO.6Sauna RoomNO.7
Sauna RoomNO.8

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